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Expertise Effects in Patient Classification

Sarah Devantier’s study of  of thinking by medical experts and novices was recently published in PLosONE. We designed a forced-choice triad task in which we asked our subjects to choose which one of two hypothetical patients best matched a target patient. Targets and potential matches were related in terms of deep features (related to a concurrent diagnosis or related to how the patients should be managed) or in terms of surface features (aspects of the patient that were evident from the description). We found that experts were more likely than novices to match patients on deep features, and that this pattern held for diagnostic triads and management triads.

SOBDR conference at Brock University

Members of the Categorization Lab will be presenting three posters at the Southern Ontario Behavioral Decision Research Conference (SOBDR) at Brock University this Thursday (May 7th). Sarah Devantier will be presenting her research on goal-oriented categories in clinical thinking, Ruby Nadler will be presenting her research on Mood and category learning and Sarah Miles will be presenting her research on the visual-spatial aspects of category learning. If you happen to be at the conference, please stop by to see our posters.